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Educate Together provides a new type of second-level school, one that places the student - your child – at its centre. We aim to create a vibrant, welcoming school community to which every student feels a real sense of belonging. We use student-centred teaching and learning methods to support students’ social, emotional and academic development and wellbeing.

What Educate Together Offers

One of my favourite things about teaching in this sector is the relationship that I have with my students. I have never taught in a happier, more respectful environment. -
— Gill, Educate Together teacher
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers and school leaders
  • School ethos, based on values of equality, human rights and citizenship
  • Innovative approaches to teaching the curriculum
  • Supportive, caring school community
  • Democratic and inclusive school management process
  • Rich range of sporting and extra-curricular activities
  • Unique Ethical Education curriculum 


We recruit enthusiastic, highly qualified and innovative teachers to help students realise their full potential. Embracing a cooperative approach, teachers work together to develop innovative courses that enable students to work in teams on interdisciplinary projects. Active, engaging teaching and learning methods are used throughout Junior and Senior Cycle. A strong emphasis is placed on supporting students to develop key skills in literacy and numeracy, creative and critical thinking, communication, teamwork, research and leadership. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is used as a tool for learning across all subject areas.

Inclusive Schools

I love the way the teachers encourage and celebrate individuality and sharing who you are as a person.
— Sadbh, Educate Together student

Reflecting the Educate Together ethos, our schools are equality-based and co-educational, welcoming girls and boys from all backgrounds and abilities on an equal basis. We work closely with local primary schools, parents and students to help students make the successful transition from primary to second-level. Our learner-centred model ensures that all students’ needs are met and their abilities are nurtured in a caring and supportive school community. 

All members of the school community, irrespective of their beliefs, social or cultural background, work together in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Students follow an Ethical Education curriculum, which includes themes on values, worldviews and beliefs, global citizenship education, diversity, migration and equality, including gender equality. Our ethos provides a strong moral, ethical and spiritual framework for the whole school community, and informs all policies and practices in the daily life of the school.

Extra-curricular Activities

Teachers teach in a fun but educational way, they are always there to talk about your problems.
— Shannon, Educate Together student

Educate Together second-level schools participate in a range of activities. Students are encouraged to join in one of the many sports or clubs on offer at lunchtimes or after school, such as GAA, rugby, soccer, basketball, badminton, hockey, drama, music, science, debating, coding, choir, dance and art. Students’ ideas for new clubs and activities are also always welcomed. 

Students also have opportunities to participate in programmes such as the Young Scientist Competition, Young Social Innovators and An Gaisce President’s Award.

School Management

At an Educate Together second-level school, the management process is open to all members of the school community. The school Principal provides dynamic, positive leadership, with students, teachers and parents being included in policy and decision making. 


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