Stand Up for Education

Labour Pledges to Fund Education Reform; Other Political Parties Should Follow Suit

“Labour is committed to establishing a €10m annual fund to support school reorganisation and amalgamation – a process that is necessary in itself and which can also re-invigorate the divestment process.”

Educate Together is encouraged to see that Labour’s election manifesto, Standing Up For Education has pledged a ‘ring-fenced fund of €10 million each year’ to support the reorganisation of patronage and the establishment of new schools. This represents a concrete plan for education reform. 

Educate Together believes strongly that all parties need to commit to similar funding strategies if they are serious about embedding equality in the education system in the lifetime of the next Dáil. 

It is undeniable that lack of dedicated funding has been a barrier to progress in the areas of divestment and the establishment of new schools to date. Indeed, just yesterday Educate Together warned that pledges would fail if not backed by funding and resources

It is Educate Together’s experience that equality in education cannot be achieved without significant investment and that this investment will be rewarded with a cohort of children who are educated without experience of religious segregation, with an understanding democratic principles and with an assurance that they are valued and respected as individuals.

Educate Together has outlined a practical, achievable plan to embed equality in the education system: a national network of 300 Educate Together primaryschools and 30 secondary schools Funding to the extent promised in Labour’s manifesto will enable Educate Together to better respond to massive surge in demand for equality-based education at primary and second-level.