#LetOurSchoolsGrow - Parents Have Their Say

Our Son is in Junior Infants in Trim Educate Together and we couldn't be happier with the progress he is making . Our baby is enrolled for 2021 and 3 months ago she was number 12 in the queue, which means that the Department of Education has only one place left between now and 2021 for anyone wanting to attend a non denominational school in a growing town like Trim.

Roy and Tania Dunne, Trim

Trim Educate Together is the only mutli denominational school available to parents so the decision to curtail its development deprives parents of the opportunity to access the education they had hoped for their children.

Shirley McLean, Trim

My husband and I have been living in Trim for 5 months. We were delighted when we found out that there is an Educate Together Primary School in Trim, as we were hoping that our daughter could attend and we like the Educate Together philosophy. We are so disappointed that she might not get a place because of this new measure. I really hope that it doesn't go through and she can still attend. This is the only non-denominational school in the area and we are eager that she receive an education that is not dictated by one religion or any.

Amy McGrath, Trim


I was deeply disappointed to hear of the Department of Education's decision to restrict our school's intake, beginning this September 2018. Having just moved to Tramore this May after living abroad for five years, we have fallen in love with our school. Our eldest son started there last September and we have been blown away by how accepted and included he has felt despite starting straight into senior infants. He recently told me that he loves school because he feels "important" there. Unfortunately for our three younger children, these restrictions will exclude them from joining their older brother as we had previously planned. That a decision like this can be made in 2018 without any accountability or proper explanation is completely unacceptable. Is this the Ireland we've returned to?

Ciara Fitzgibbon, Tramore