Support Educate Together

Educate Together is the fastest-growing school patron in Ireland. With over 23,000 children and 1,200 teachers learning and working in Educate Together schools and thousands more on waiting lists around the country, our schools are recognised as delivering ethical equality-based education that welcomes all children. Both national and international media are now talking about Ireland's education system as archaic and inequitable. By supporting Educate Together you are lending your voice to a call for progress and the provision of more schools where children are treated equally at the school gate and within the classroom. 

Why Educate Together? 

Educate Together offers a truly inclusive experience for children that guarantees that they will never be separated from their classmates during the school day on the basis of religion.

What distinguishes Educate Together schools is their hard work in developing a culturally inclusive and democratic ethos. Educate Together schools nationwide have pioneered unique approaches to inclusion of minority opinions and faiths. They run an Ethical Education programme (the Learn Together curriculum) that opens the eyes of children to the naturally positive contribution that social, religious and cultural diversity and difference of viewpoint and opinion make to society.

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